Interactive Activities

We learn better through doing. Interactive learning enables trial and discovery for a deeper understanding of the content.

Interactivity gives more control to the learner, increasing engagement and motivation. Making it easier to navigate that fine line between boredom and lost in confusion.

Safety Town Activities

We created three educational activities for Transport NSW. They were for the road safety curriculum which reaches about 2,500 schools within NSW.

We based the activities around the key educational messages Transport NSW identified. The games encourage learning through play and discovery in a very intuitive way.

TNSW game TNSW game TNSW game

The project team

Zawadi Sliepen

Design and illustration. Managed the project.

Peter Moricz from Spacegoat

Lead developer.

Governing Australia App

We wanted to experiment making a learning app, so we made a guide to the Australian government system. It is available as a free ipad app and are happy to see it used in Australian schools.

The app simplifies a complex subject with the help of illustrations, animations and clear language.

governingAus governingAus

The project team

Zawadi Sliepen

Research, writing, illustration and design.

Solange Kershaw

Research and development.